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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs & Co-Founders of Life's Secret Sauce

Want to be memorable, be a shot-caller, and become an influencer? Learn how to use effective face-to-face communication & relationship building to unlock your dream lifestyle.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're tired of being mediocre and want to grow a powerful network that unlocks new opportunities...  
  • You understand the importance of communication but fail to speak in a way that makes you memorable...
  • You want to leave an impactful first impression but you don't know what to say to set yourself apart...
  • You are well educated & enjoy learning & challenging your mind...
  • You're great at your current job but something is holding you back from moving up the ladder...
  • You're tired of watching others surpass you in your career and are sick of being left on the sidelines...
  • You know how to hold a conversation but want to speak so people listen and respect you...
  • You want to be more influential and charismatic but don't know where to start...
  • You want the confidence to speak to anyone, at any time, and leave them wanting more...

Then Welcome to Life's Secret Sauce!

Want charisma like James Bond, the confidence of Tony Stark, & to command respect like Elon Musk? 

I did, so I learned how, and I guarantee that you can too! 

We a grew up in relatively "normal" households. Supportive parents, extra-curricular activities, siblings, etc. etc. and both went off to college with dreams of doing amazing things. The sky's the limit, right?

Brandon graduated from the Ohio State University with degrees in Geography & Business and wanted to become an urban planner...

Samantha studied Outdoor Recreation at Brock University and learned how to teach leadership & development through outdoor adventures...

Everything was going according to "plan" until graduation when we realized that having a solid resume and being educated wasn't enough to get a job at a level we desired.

We're pretty sure any millennial can relate when it comes to the current state of the job market... 

Rather than join the rat race and climb the corporate ladder, we both headed off with our college degrees in hopes of traveling the world on a shoestring budget.

Brandon escaped the ghastly Ohio winters & moved to St. Thomas to become a beach bum and read books in paradise.

Samantha ran away to backpack through Southeast Asia & climb to Mt. Everest Basecamp.

Although we loved traveling, meeting new people, & exploring different cultures this little thing called "money" started rapidly disappearing and we quickly realized we would need "real jobs."

So we did what any vagabond would do, we got jobs on board cruise ships...

How we went from broke college grads traveling the world to living our dream lifestyle...

A few crazy twists and turns later, and we've gone from wanderlusting twenty-somethings to professional public speakers living in the heart of the "Magic City" Miami, Florida.

As public speakers in the cruise industry, we mastered the art of small talk and connecting with people face-to-face. When you're out in the middle of the ocean without a cellphone permanently placed in your pocket, you learn how to create meaningful conversation with the people surrounding you. 

After working at sea for 5 years and meeting hundreds of thousands of guests of all ages, backgrounds, & varying levels of success we began discovered it's not "what you know" but "who you know."

We took this motto to heart and started focusing on building strong relationships with influential people within our industry & learned how to build instant rapport & make valuable connections for others.

We started expanding our own network of power players who opened doors we never even knew existed...

"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire."
- Napoleon Hill, founder of the Mastermind Principle

There's a reason the most successful people today invest thousands of dollars to become part of mastermind groups & attend important conferences. Your success or failure in life is directly correlated to your social circle. You think Warren Buffet hangs out with a bunch of guys with no ambition?

Once we built our circle of influence, we began studying the science of first impressions, how to create instant rapport, and what it takes to become a superconnector so we could gain access to even more high performers.

So what does all of this have to do with you?

Well, we want to help as many as possible create their own dream lives in the same way that we have been able to. What we've learned along the way aren't some "super secret success strategies", but simple frameworks and systems that anyone can use to begin improving their own lives. If we had to stress one mindset over anything else it would be...

​Your Relationships are EVERYTHING

Don't believe me? Ask yourself if any of this sounds familiar...

  • You're amazing at your job, but you keep getting passed over for promotions... Well what's your relationship like with your colleagues and supervisors?
  • You wish you had a larger, more influential social circle but going out to meet new people & "working a room" sounds worse than battling the Sith Lord.
  • You want to command a room with your presence, pitch your ideas with confidence, and speak so other's listen and hang on your every word.

If you are ready to maximize your social potential then you've come to the right place!


Life's Secret Sauce was founded to teach ambitious young professionals the necessary social skills to master first impressions, build meaningful connections, & create quality conversations with anyone.

Charisma, confidence, & charm do not come naturally to everyone. However, these skills CAN BE LEARNED! Start improving your communication & people skills today. Life is exponentially better when you are confident & comfortable in any social situation.

How Important Are Social & Communication Skills Today?

Agree that engaging in small talk with coworkers creates better relationships.

64 %

Believe that in-person collaboration is critical for success.

75 %

Would rather join a company with open communication than receive a top benefits package.

81 %

Felt they were better understood after in-person encounters.

82 %

Don't Go Another Day Without Learning:

  • How to create instant rapport & leave a killer first impression...
  • How to talk about yourself, your accomplishments, and why you're totally amazing - without bragging...
  • How to make meeting new people extremely easy & fun...
  • How to lead conversations & talk so people WANT to listen to you...
  • And so much more!
Cindy Lee

"Life's Secret Sauce taught me how to start conversations with anyone, now I feel confident to mingle with the executives at my company without sounding like an idiot..."

"I recently moved to a new city and didn't know where to start to build a brand-new network. I learned how meet powerful people and create instant rapport and got 3 incredible job offers..."

Kyle Bradford

"I finally feel like I know how to lead a conversation to get MY POINT across and now my colleagues actually listen to my ideas..."

Shane Lewis
Sarah Allen

​"I learned how to understand body language so I can accurately read others and always show that I am approachable and confident..."

Choose Your #1 Goal Below!


Master first impressions become the clear leader like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Channel my inner James Bond & be more charismatic, exude charisma & convey confidence.

Speak so people listen and command a "larger than life" presence like Tony Stark.