The Secret To Becoming A Body Language Master

Interview with Body Language Expert & Coach, Blanca Cobb


Blanca Cobb is a body language and nonverbal communication expert. She uses her behavior analysis expertise and psychology background to break down the complexities of human behavior and communications. 

Blanca is the CEO of Truthblazers and a Senior Instructor at the Body Language Institue of Washington DC. She has been featured on multiple television stations such as CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, & more.

Her extensive body language training and coaching programs have helped thousands of men and women communicate more naturally and effectively. Her enthusiastic keynote speeches focus on discovering deception and the effective use of body language in business.

To read more you can visit her website, or follow on Twitter @BlancaCobb.

If you've ever wanted to know  how to come across as approachable and friendly, you'll love this energetic interview. We discussed how to ensure that your words and your body are properly aligned to give the right message at the right time. 

In this entertaining interview you'll discover how Blanca discovered the wonderful world of body language and why she's made it her life's work to help others interpret this non-verbal language. We discussed how social media has affected face-to-face interactions and how to build rapport through authenticity.

Wish you could tell if someone was lying to you? Blanca gives a few tips on spotting deception and what to do when you think someone might be trying to fool you.  

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Everyone says follow your passion. Okay, that's nice. But you have to go and find it first. You have to get curious. You have to try new things. See what you're great at and what you're not.
Blanca Cobb
Truthblazer CEO & Body Language Expert

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:20... Who is Blanca Cobb?
2:35... How did you get started studying body language
4:30... Has technology made us lazy?
6:20... How to know when someone is lying to you
8:15... Why most internet posts on lying are complete nonsense
9:15... The #1 secret to make people like you
10:20... Favorite success stories
14:15... Top 3 skills to succeed in 2017
15:15... Where to start learning body language
16:15... What projects are coming from Blanca Cobb
18:45... Why soft skills are part of social survival
20:00... Who is an inspiration to you
22:00... If you could have a conversation with anyone
23:10... Book recommendations

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