How To Become A Human Lie Detector

Interview with Human Behavior Consultant & Former US Army Interrogator Gregory Hartley

Gregory Hartley is a Human Behavior Consultant, Author, & Former US Army Interrogator that has worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy Seals, Federal Law Enforcement, mainstream media and more. 

He has shared his insights in 10+ published books that discuss the "how to" and "why" regarding nonverbal communication.  Greg's military background in interrogation has given him the ideal "eye" when it comes to spotting patterns and baselines in human behaviors.

He also shared why most "body language tips" are complete nonsense. Often, people fail to understand that body language is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to drivers of human motivation.

To read more you can visit his website, or join his new Body Language Micro Course with Scott Rouse.

Fun Fact: Greg has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine an incredible six times!

During the interview we spoke about what a normal day is like for a body language expert, how to find baselines & deviations, and why "closed" body language isn't as important as you might think. After studying languages and teaching resistance to interrogation to Navy Seals & Special Forces, Greg transitioned to the civilian world where he now works with top CEO's and professionals.

I learned so much during this brief conversation that it's tough to give the interview a fair synopsis. A few of my favorite bits of wisdom include why the eyebrows are incredibly important when it comes to body language and how curling your toes can help with stage fright. If you've ever wanted to learn a few body language party tricks you'll especially enjoy timestamps [6:45 & 17:00]. 

Finally, you can jump to your favorite sections of the interview by clicking the timestamps below. Enjoy :)​

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You'll find that only really amateur people believe that doing this [one movement] means something specific. What you should look for is a deviation from baseline. In my many years of interrogation, what I’ve found is that every person has some sort of routine that you can see, whether it’s cadence of speech, movement of hands, blink rate, movement of head, or word choice. All of those things come into play [to accurately read someone].

Greg Hartley
Body Language Expert, & Former US Army Interrogator

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:36... Who is Greg Hartley?
2:26... What it’s like teaching resistance to interrogation to Navy Seals & Special Forces
4:15... How to find someone's baseline and notice their deviations
5:40... How to be seen as more approachable in a first impression
7:02… Why body language is only the tip of the iceberg in human motivation
8:25... How our bodies identify threats & how to become less intimidating
9:30... Body Language Secrets: The eyebrow raise
11:40... Why closed body language isn't as important as most people think
13:45... How to reengage your “thinking brain” by curling your toes
15:55... Collaboration with Scott Rouse on new body language Micro-course [Body Language Tactics]
18:30... Top 3 skills for success in 2017
19:45... How an interrogator ends up featured in Cosmopolitan magazine 6 times
21:00... A day in the life of a body language expert…
21:40... Book recommendation [The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements – Eric Hoffer, How To Spot A Liar - Greg Hartley]
22:30... Who is an inspiration to you?
23:00... If you could have a conversation with anyone…
25:00... How to get in touch & find out more about Greg [@1greghartley]
27:10... Getting started & how to practice reading body language

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