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Interview with Body Language Expert & Behavior Analyst Scott Rouse

Scott is a body language expert, former interrogator, TED Speaker, behavior analyst, and founder of Body Language Tactics, a comprehensive body language program for professionals.

After training alongside the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, & the Dept. of Defense for years, Scott has transitioned his unique skill set to become a consultant for law enforcement, successful CEO's, attorneys, financial advisors, & entertainers.

His unique approach to body language focuses on "what's going to happen next" by understanding people's baselines and recognizing nonverbal clues & pattern formations. 

Scott's TED Talk, How To Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein & Inspire the Villagers has over 300k views and his work with the Pitch Department at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center has given him the moniker' "The Pitch Fixer".

To read Scott's blog you can visit his website,

During the interview we spoke about how to practice reading body language in low stakes environments (like restaurants and grocery stores), the difference between looking & seeing, how to read body language during a negotiation, and how to tell if someone is lying to you.  

If you've ever wondered how someone gets started and becomes a body language expert, you'll certainly enjoy Scott's "Origin Story".  This interview is filled with actionable tips and tricks & Scott is a wealth of information on all things body language.  

Finally, you can jump to your favorite sections of the interview by clicking the timestamps below. Enjoy :)​

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Want to get better at reading body language? It's simple. Just start being observant. There's a big difference between seeing and observing. Start looking around, pay attention, and observe everything happening around you.

Scott Rouse
Body Language Expert

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:40... Who is Scott Rouse?
2:20... Magazines, earaches, & body language
6:35... The incredible power of observation
7:50... The biggest body language mistakes
10:00... How to know if someone is lying to you
12:30... Speech patterns are keys to rehearsed answers
15:00... Body language in negotiations
17:15... Practicing at restaurants & other low stakes environment
20:00... What it's like to be a professional people watcher
21:50... What to look for in body language on a date
24:00... The difference between looking and seeing
26:24... Sherlock Holmes seeing vs. observing
27:35... New projects from Scott Rouse & Greg Hartley
31:30... Top 3 kills to succeed in 2017
34:10... Who is an inspiration to you
35:40... Book recommendations {I Can Read You Like a Book, How to Spot a Liar, What Every BODY is Saying}
36:33.. A conversation with anyone
37:45... Where to find out more about Scott Rouse
38:20... Final words of wisdom

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