How to Master the Media & Go Viral

Interview with PR Expert, Ashley Crouch

Ashley is the founder of Appleseed Communications, the first "one for one" PR agency that specializes in women entrepreneurs. She was on the founding team for the first "no photoshop" fashion magazine, Verily, which currently sees over 1 million views per month.

Not only is Ashley an accomplished writer and CEO she was also a 2017 Forbes Under 30 Nominee.  Throughout the interview she shared what it takes to become a PR master and get featured on huge publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, New York Times and more.

We talked about the freelance economy, the varying needs between men & women in the PR world, and why you need to embrace the 10% rule when pitching your publications. If you have a world-changing idea and want to get noticed, Ashley shares why and how to get clear and how you can use the power of language to create a space for your mission.

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A stunning 67% of Millennial want to start their own businesses. Many dream of defining life on their own terms but lack the PR prowess to shine a light onto their endeavours. Ashley's newest course, Master the Media, is an in-depth guide into gaining massive PR traffic without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. 

This interview is full of inspiration & tactical advice, and Ashley was an absolute joy to have on the show. Sit back and relax as you discover how to master the media.

Finally, you can jump to your favorite sections of the interview by clicking the timestamps below. Enjoy :)​

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Life expands to meet the size of the dreams that you have. 

Ashley Crouch
Founder, Appleseed Co., PR Expert

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:20... Who is Ashley Crouch?
2:34... How Ashley become an accidental entrepreneur
4:00... The importance of saying YES!
5:10... Going viral..the best birthday present ever?
6:20... How do you get your name out there?
9:15... How to become an expert in your own niche
10:30... The importance of your network in 2017
12:20... Ashley's #1 networking tip
14:30... Understand the 10% PR rule
15:40... The two key ways to building a powerful network
17:30... What to do if you feel stuck in your current circumstance
20:00... The power of gratitude
21:12... Top 3 skills needed to excel in today's world
25:10... The importance of following up effectively
27:05... Drafting the perfect follow up email
29:00... The differences between men & women in the PR world
32:15... Best way to stay in touch, Master the Media Course, & more
34:00... Who is an inspiration to you?
36:00... Book recommendations {Mindset - Carol S Dweck}
38:05... If you could have a conversation with anyone?

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