How To Be An Inspirational & Motivating Leader

Interview With David S. Hoyt: Founder of The Principle Group &
Former President of The John Maxwell Company  

David is a strategic advisor, communicator, leader and guide. He's had the privilege of riding shotgun with John Maxwell for 19 years serving as an inner circle member, running a significant portion of John's business interests and most recently served as President of the John Maxwell Company.

Today David advises leaders on growing their organizations as well as guiding them to live lives of purpose, courage, and intentionality. He does this by advising & guiding people through his LifePlan Process.

We had an incredible conversation about how someone can become a leader, what makes a great leader, the importance of reflection and self-discovery, and even a bit about college football.

If you've ever wanted to become a leader in your personal life, in your career, and to yourself you will truly enjoy this interview. We discuss the importance of "managing up" if you're an employee, and if you're already the leader, how you can inspire & motivate your team through honesty and authenticity.

David is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, shared incredible wisdom and recommended quite a few books to add to the reading list. We all have a unique purpose and calling in the world and David's mission is to help motivated men and women move forward living a fulfilled and satisfying life.

To learn more about David, his LifePlan process, and his work with John Maxwell, [click here].

Finally, you can jump to your favorite sections of the interview by clicking the timestamps below. Enjoy!

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Great leaders walk the talk. They're authentic, the real deal. Humility is a big part of it. It's not 'Hey, I have all the answers, and I'm large and in charge,' it's being humble enough to admit weaknesses, humble enough to admit defeats when they happen, and to be in touch with your story both the ups and downs.

David Hoyt 
Founder, The Principle Group

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2:12 - How David discovered John Maxwell & found his calling
4:11 - Who is John Maxwell?
6:10 - How does someone become a leader?
8:15 - The difference between power and influence
10:05 - What makes a great leader?
13:55 - How can leaders inspire and motivate others?
15:00 - David's #1 guide for continuing to develop as a leader and get unbiased feedback
16:10 - How David's LifePlan process works and the importance of reflection/self-discovery
19:40 - Success stories from the LifePlan process
23:50 - Why you need to be a leader to yourself before leading others
24:45 - Book Recommendations [Spiritually: Soul Keeping/What's So Amazing About Grace, Identity: True Measure of a Man/Scary Close, Leadership: 5 Levels of Leadership/ Intentional Living/ 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth/ Next Generation Leader]
27:00 - How to find out more about David []
27:30 - The importance of college football and Ohio State vs. Michigan State
29:00 - Who is an inspiration to you?
31:10 - If you could have a conversation with anyone who would it be?
32:10 - Final words of wisdom

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