The Simple Secret To Display Confident Body Language 

Interview with Body Language Expert Mark Bowden

Mark is an expert in human behavior and body language, keynote speaker, and creator of Truthplane, a communication training company.

His presentations are an exciting and humorous journey to understand how, with the right body language, "it's often not what you say, but how you say it, that gets results."

Mark was voted #1 in the world’s top 30 body language professionals for two years running and during our interview, he provides awesome insight and knowledge for anyone looking to exude powerful and positive body language.

He has trained the political and Hollywood elite, Fortune 500 CEO’s and Royalty… and has an extremely successful TED Talk on why we should be a bit more Inauthentic.

To read more you can visit his website,

During the interview we spoke about why everyone should be more observant, the one posture to instantly show confidence and assertiveness, why lying is an incredibly important social skill, and why we can all be a bit more inauthentic to create more impactful first impressions.

This conversation was an absolute blast and it's easy to see why his TED Talk has more than 250k views, Mark is insightful and humorous as we dive deep into the waters of body language.

Finally, you can jump to your favorite sections of the interview by clicking the timestamps below. Enjoy :)​

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[On how to convey positive body language] It’s really simple. I wish I could make it more difficult so people wouldn’t go, “Is that it? Is that all?” and I have to say yeah, that's the secret. Nothing else, just do this.

Mark Bowden
Body Language Expert & Keynote Speaker

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

3:25… How Mark began his study of body language (and how he became fascinated by sea life)
4:27… Why you need to be more observant in your daily life
5:20… Where to start if you know nothing about body language, Mark's #1 tip
8:00…. Why you need to get out of your own head/stop decoding the body language of other people...
10:00… Why we can all be more inauthentic and the 4 categories of first impressions
13:30… Why lying is an incredibly important social skill
18:10… What is The Truthplane, and how you can use it effectively
20:30… Info on Mark’s newest book and why you can’t fight your brain, but you can train it
23:00… How to stay in the moment during conversations
25:45… The 4 muscles that control your stress level
27:30… How to make sure your BL isn’t overly aggressive
28:12…. Importance of eye contact
29:50… To learn more about Mark... 
30:24… Who inspires you?
31:52… Top book recommendations
32:30… If you could have a conversation with anyone...

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