Life Lessons From The Original Motivation Master

Interview with best-selling author & entrepreneur, Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business. He has delivered more than 3,100 presentations to audiences in every state of the US, most provinces of Canada and countries from Scotland to Singapore.

A business strategist, psychological researcher and philosopher at heart, Jim is also a down-to-earth regular guy. He has worked in warehouses, driven trucks, sold door to door and at trade shows, been a bank teller, plays guitar in night clubs and pubs, and has toured much of the world on a motorcycle.

Jim is currently writing a new book, playing rock n' roll music, and dreaming of a new Triumph Bonneville T120 motorcycle in lovely California.

To learn more about Jim you can visit his website,, or follow any of his very active social media channels.

Jim has authored 18 books including Relationship Selling and the Acorn Principle. He  has one of the most viewed TED talks of all time with over 1 million views and is a member of the Sales and Marketing HOF. As a professional speaker he has been a 'Golden Gavel' and 'Cavett' award recipient.

Jim is also the former president of the National Speaker Speaker’s association, top 5 sales and customer service speakers, top 50 sales influencers in the world AND still has time to play rock and roll guitar in clubs and tour the world on a motorcycle… my favorite quote I found describing Jim is, "He’d be what Fonzie would have been if he’d gone to business school!"

We talked about human development, personality types, motivation, finding the strength to keep going through tough times, and what it took to become one of the most well-known public speakers in history. This was one of my favorite interviews to date and I took over 3 pages of notes during our hour-long conversation. So if you've ever wanted to become the best version of yourself then sit back and get ready!

Enjoy 🙂

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​"It's not what you know that counts. It's not who you know that counts. It's not who knows you that counts. And it's not who they know that counts. Here's what counts... who's glad they know you?"

Jim Cathcart
Hall Of Fame Public Speaker & Author

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:55... Who is Jim Cathcart?
4:00... How did you get started in public speaking?
7:30... Becoming fanatical about personal development...
10:15... Going from a government clerk to leading training programs for more than 350,000 people in less than 2 years
12:25...The 1984 $3,500,000 program on personality types
13:30... Introducing the Relationship Intelligence Model
16:10... The Acorn Principle: A self-guided tour of what makes you who you are
18:40... Using personality types to create more effective communication
19:45... What is relationship intelligence?
22:20... How do you stay motivated in the hard times or know when to pivot?
25:00... How to become the person that you want to be?
28:40... Top 3 skills for success in 2018
33:00... Where does someone start in improving their soft skills?
37:30... What makes you feel fully alive?
38:30... How to get capture an audience's attention as soon as you step on stage
42:30... Always remember 'LRAMA' - Like, respect, admire my audience
47:40... Do you have a favorite keynote speech?
50:00... How have you been able to build such an expansive network?
52:00... Name dropping the biggest names in the self-development field (Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino.... and many more)
55:50... Favorite book recommendations [The Self Motivation Handbook, The Acorn Principle]
57:10... Where to start in the Jim Cathcart library of materials
58:20... If you could have a conversation with anyone
59:30... Final words of wisdom - Listen to Jim's rock and roll music []

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