How To Become Brilliant in An Ordinary World

Interview with best-selling author & speaker, Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey helps people discover their inner brilliance. A best-selling author, Success Magazine's 2018 Top 25, and renowned teacher, Simon has shaped the lives of more than 2 million people in 45 different countries.

Whether advising CEOs or speaking at a conference, Simon challenges individuals to shift their thinking and create their future.

A former leader at a Fortune 500 company, Simon understands how to connect with executives, entrepreneurs, and audience members of all types. He believes in the power of meaningful connections—and equips people with tangible tools to make their dreams come true.

To learn more about Simon you can visit his website,, or follow any of his very active social media channels.

Simon is the top-selling author of seven books and creator of the Shift Your Brilliance System, a personal development program that takes individuals and organizations on a transformational journey to create a brilliant life and business.

His motto, "Inspiring individuals to be fearless and create their future," strikes a chord with anyone who's tired of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the right opportunity to come along. We talked about how to be fearless, overcome objections, navigate a cross-generational workplace, and how to build relationships that matter.

If you're ready to unleash your brilliance be sure to ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What would I do if no one paid me to do it?
  2. What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?
  3. What makes me come alive?

Answer those and you're on your way... Want to discover the rest? Then sit back and enjoy this awesome interview with the ever-entertaining, Simon T. Bailey. Enjoy 🙂

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"Relationships are the currency of the future. How you handle relationships is everything, they don't teach you that in business school but those relationships are everything you need to succeed long term."

Simon T. Bailey
Best-Selling Author & Public Speaker

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:55... Who is Simon T. Bailey
2:43... How did you get started?
4:10... Inspiration from Walt Disney
5:15... Biggest hurdles you overcame while starting your business
6:00... How did you start reaching out to large corporations
7:45... A realistic time frame for success
10:00... Who is your ideal client to work with?
12:15... Top skills for success in 2018
14:45... Conversation differences between generations
1​7:00... Millennials aren't special
18:10... How to overcome objections in today's world
21:50... What is a QE factor?
24:40... Where should someone start if they want to read your books?
26:55.. How to find out more about Simon Bailey and what's new
28:10... Do you have someone you would consider a coach/mentor?
28:35... Favorite book recommendations [Firms of Endearment, The Untethered Soul]
29:40... If you could have a conversation with anyone
30:05... Final words of wisdom

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