How to Become Irreplaceable In The Workplace

Interview with Career Coach, Blogger, & Mentor, Marquis Parker

Marquis Parker is a coach, adviser, mentor, and award-winning career blogger. He is also the Vice President of Strategy for MRI Network, where he promotes revenue and growth initiatives.

Marquis embraces his failures as much as his achievements and sees both as a source of learning and growth. His aim is to inspire his clients to set goals and truly believe that they can achieve them.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Marquis works with clients from all over the United States to help navigate their careers, negotiate salaries, and help them become irreplaceable in the workplace.

 To learn more about Marquis you can visit his website,, or follow any of his very active social media channels.

How do you become the "go-to" person at work? Is there a way to guarantee a safety net for your career? It's all about becoming irreplaceable...

What do you do when all of your friends, family, and internet strangers start asking for life and career advice?

You start a business to mentor others!

We talked about the importance of failure, how to be more memorable and what to do to make sure when that promotion comes up you’re the first person on the boss’s radar. Marquis shares some of his favorite client stories in this awesome interview that you’re sure to enjoy… so sit back and let’s get started!

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​[On building a valuable network of contacts] "Be willing to be an open book. Be willing to share who you are. Be willing to get to know others. It's like gardening, you have to water the plants. Follow up, stay in touch, make lunch dates, be a genuine, helpful person. Remember relationships aren't purely transactional."

Marquis Parker
VP Strategy & Business Services for MRI Network

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:15... Who is Marquis Parker?
2:05... How did you get into the career coaching field?
3:30... What are the top 3 skills for career success in 2018.
4:45... How to build an irreplaceable network, even when you're not trying to network...
7:35... The value of professional relationships in the workplace
10:10... Relationships are like a bank
10:45.. Follow up is crucial...
13:15... How to become the "go-to" person at your office
16:20... Salary negotiation: the smartest way to start the conversation
20:55.. Favorite client success stories
25:10... Who is an inspiration to you?
28:40.. If you could have a conversation with anyone, who would it be?
30:00... What Martin Luther King taught us about the power of effective communication
31:00... Book recommendations [Stephen King, Once & Future King, Freakonomics, Outliers]
34:00...What new projects are you working on []
36:15...Final words of wisdom

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