How to Become An Electrifying Public Speaker

Interview with Executive Speaking Coach & Trainer, Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp is an executive speaking coach, sales trainer, and keynote public speaker for professionals and  Fortune 500 companies around the globe. 

After moving to the US from the England over 30 years ago, Patricia realized that the key to success is to ask the right questions and take action when opportunity knocks. 

Patricia is a past president, and was the first female president, of the over 3,000-member National Speakers Association. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Hall of Fame keynote speaker. Patricia has also won the highly coveted Cavett Award (considered the Oscar of speaking).

To learn more about Patricia you can visit her website,, or subscribe to her virtual training program, FrippVT.

What's her secret to success? How did she become one of the most respected public speakers in the country? According to her it has everything to do with being interested and engaging with others. She describes herself as "a hairstylist who asked great questions and made good by taking advantages of opportunities." 

Her mission is to rid the world of sloppy speakers. We talked about why genuine conversation is becoming a lost art, how to effectively open and close a presentation, and why specificity is key to building credibility.

If you're ready to step-up your conversation game, prove your worth to your supervisors, become a public speaker, and create an impact that lasts you'll learn all that and much more in this exceptional interview.  Patricia shares it all in this tactic-filled interview that you're sure to enjoy.

It was so hard to pick a "favorite quote" so I've listed a few of Patricia's incredible sound bites below:

  • "Tell me what you say you want, show me one week of your life, and we'll both know if you'll accomplish it..."
  • "To those that say they aren't public speakers - Remember, every time you leave the privacy of your home you're speaking in public.
  • "If you can deliver a better sales presentation than your competitors you will always be in demand. Good markets or bad."

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"Don't assume because you are well educated and smart that you will get the success you want in life. Anyone who's been in the workforce knows that if you have great ideas but no confidence, or competence to share them, you'll never get credit for your work.

Patricia Fripp
Executive Speaking Coach & Trainer 

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:40... Who is Patricia Fripp?
3:45... The secret of quality conversations
5:15... How did you find your passion for public speaking?
6:45... The ingredients for success in any career
8:30... Why Patricia moved to the US from the UK
10:30... The journey to becoming President of the National Speaker's Association
13:15... How to make a living as a public speaker
15:00... This one skill keeps you in demand, no matter the economic situation
17:25... How Patricia transitioned into executive speech coaching
19:30... The importance of managing up and speaking effectively to your supervisors
21:10... Most important skills to succeed in 2017
23:30... Can your speaking ability trump seniority in the workplace?
24:00... Where to start if you want to become a great speaker... []
26:30... How to make an impactful first impression
29:00... Revamping the weekly meeting to actually engage your colleagues
31:20... The perfect 2 minute introduction
33:00... How to close a presentation... the RIGHT way
36:10... The structure of your presentation is just as important as your subject matter
38:00... How to open a presentation for maximum impact
41:00... Have you ever vs. How often [Which is more impactful?]
42:30... The worst word you can use in a presentation
46:00... Why you need to make your team look good and not steal the credit for yourself
47:30... What's new with Patricia Fripp? []
48:45... Who is an inspiration to you?
49:00... If you could have a conversation with anyone who would it be?
50:30... Why everyone should see the movie Dunkirk
51:15... Final words of wisdom

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