How to Work A Room Like A Pro

Interview with Author & Keynote Speaker, Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and networking professional. Her best-selling book, How To Work A Room, has sold over 1,000,000 copies and has been translated into dozens of language.

With over two decades of professional experience and over 1,000 keynote speeches given, Susan shares her proven savvy socializing techniques in this dynamic and entertaining interview.

Throughout her decorated career as a professional speaker, Susan has worked with Apple, Coca Cola, Intel, the NFL, Wells Fargo and many more. She has also been published in CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR and much more.

To learn more about Susan you can visit her website,​.

How often have you walked into a room full of strangers and felt uncomfortable? Do you know how to work a room? What's the difference between 'working the room' and 'networking'? After watching today’s interview, you’ll never again worry about what to say to be remembered and how to work a room effectively.

During the interview we discussed the importance of face-to-face communication in a digital world, how to build rapport with anyone in an instant, and where to come up with endless engaging conversation topics. Susan is a wealth of knowledge and is the epitome of the consummate host.

Susan's Top 3 Networking Rules

  1. Have a good time (it makes you approachable)
  2. Prepare your quick introduction
  3. Don't share your title (what you do), instead give the benefit of what you do.

Get ready to become a social superstar and own the room at your next networking event with these incredible tips from the legendary Susan RoAne. Enjoy 🙂

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"If I had a magic wand and could wave it over everyone, the gift I would give them would be the comfort and confidence to talk to anyone and everyone in any situation."

Susan RoAne
Keynote Speaker & Author

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

3:05... Who is Susan RoAne?
4:30... Don't hangout with people that stop you from being you
5:45... Randomly meeting Sugar Ray Leonard
7:15... Where did your passion for networking begin?
9:45... The best networking role models are those that get it wrong...
12:20... Never take advice from someone who tells you to be less than who you are
15:10... The difference between "Networking" and "Working The Room"
17:00... Follow up is the difference between an average and exceptional networker
19:00... How to build rapport while talking about pizza
23:15... Networking: Beyond the Buzzword
24:50... How to properly prepare for a networking event
26:50... Crafting your catchy introduction in only 8 seconds
29:00... Why you shouldn't tell someone your title
31:30... How to come up with engaging conversation topics
35:00... How has social media changed the networking game
38:30... Where schools fail in regards to basic social skills
41:10... Where to practice your conversation skills
42:45... The Susan Roanne Mantra: Talk To Strangers
44:30... Communication differences between men and women
48:15... The best question to ask yourself to build relationships
50:10... Who is an inspiration to you?
55:00... Where should someone start with Susan's books [How to Work A Room, Secrets of Savvy Networking, What Do I Say Next]
57:00... Book recommendations [Pivot-Jenny Blake, Entrepreneurial You - Dorie Clark]
58:30... What's new with Susan...A new book on the horizon?
60:00... Holiday Party Do's & Don'ts
63:00... If you could have dinner with anyone...
64:15... Final words of wisdom

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