Social Skills Tips For Tech Professionals

Interview with Social Skills Guru, Payam Pakmanesh

Payam Pakmanesh is a bi-coastal software developer that coaches tech professionals on the social skills necessary to advance their careers

Payam's blog and YouTube channel showcase tips and tricks for building rapport, talking to your boss, and negotiating a raise for people who aren't the best when it comes to face-to-face communication.

How is someone supposed to have great social skills if they spend all day in front of a computer? Payam tackles this and much more with his insightful blog post and 60 second YouTube vids.

To learn more you can checkout his website,

When you think of exceptional social skills I'm sure the first person you think about is a software developer... right? Probably not. But in this fast-growing field a little goes a long way. The ability to have a coherent conversation with your boss may lead to your next promotion or raise even if you're new to the job.

Today I interview Payam Pakmanesh about what it takes to step up the social skills game in a sea of tech professionals and how small tweaks in your interpersonal skills game can have huge benefits to your career.

We talk about the balance between preparation and winging it, communication mistakes, and why everyone should practice in low-stakes environments.

Sit back and enjoy 🙂

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​"Stop overanalyzing the small minute details. We live on one small dot in a sea of trillions of other dots in space. No mistake is going to stop you from getting better. The world is a much larger place than you can ever imagine. Stop worrying and just enjoy your life."

Payam Pakmanesh
Software Developer & Social Skills Guru

Wanna Skip Ahead? That's Totally Fine...

1:40... Who is Payam Pakmanesh?
2:50... How to balance being great with a computer AND being great with people
5:00... IQ + EQ = PQ (Can you do that math?)
6:00... What are the biggest communication mistakes today?
7:30... How chat/email have caused us to skip the "rapport building" process
9:30... Using low stakes environments to practice social skills
11:45... Winging it vs. being prepared for conversations
14:50... Need conversation topics? Check out "How Stuff Works"
16:35... Top 3 skills for success in 2017
18:45... Introverts vs. extroverts (don't pigeonhole yourself)
21:00... What's new with Payam Pakmanesh?
22:30... Is your memory better than a goldfish?
24:20... Who is an inspiration to you?
25:30... Comedians practice their stories, so should you!
27:20... Book Recommendations [How to Win Friends & Influence People]
28:30... If you could have a conversation with anyone?
29:20... Final words of wisdom & awkward Payam
32:20... Biggest communication pet peeves

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